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Day Trip

Adrian on a day trip

THE MEMBERS at the day centre love to go out for day trips and we try to take them for a day trip of their choice each summer as well as doing smaller local trips to garden centres and going out for pub lunches.
All the members love to go out for trips and explore places they may not have the opportunity to do while they are at home.
Many of our day centre users have a physical disability which means that they either require a wheelchair at all times when moving around or require a wheelchair as they are unable to walk for longer distances.
We are looking for people who could volunteer some of their time to come on our day centre trips to help push our members chairs.
The day centre want to ensure we can continue to offer the range of trips we do and have the confidence that all our members can continue to go.
If you think you could offer some of your time or would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact Teraza onĀ 01453 548349.

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