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The Yercombe (Gloucestershire) Trust is a registered charity, which was set up to enable physically disabled/frail people to enjoy a respite/holiday break at Yercombe Lodge. The house is set in 18 acres of woodland and gardens and offers stunning views across the Berkeley Vale. We are a Residential Home, registered with the Care Quality Commission  for ten physically disabled adults including elderly people (men and women), aged 18+. Within the Home we are also able to provide Day Care. Nursing care is not provided.

Aims and Objectives and Philosophy of Care

We aim to provide high quality care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our objective is to achieve client satisfaction through the provision of a quality service that meets agreed client needs within the limits of service availability and we are committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity. We aim to support the rights and promote the privacy and dignity of our residents, therefore each person can expect opportunities to make choices, enjoy personal space/time in their room and to be treated with respect.
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We offer short breaks for respite care and a small number of long term residential rooms. The service is available to people who are elderly or have a physical disability and fall within our category of registration.

People come to stay for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Arranging their own break with us as their annual holiday
  • Booking several times a year to help them manage the rest of the time at home on their own.
  • Arranging a break because their carers are taking a holiday.
  • Being referred by caring or nursing agencies who feel a break would be beneficial to their patients.
  • Being referred by Social Services who, for a variety of reasons, deem the person a priority for respite care.

When you make a provisional booking we will ask you to complete an application form and give written authorisation which allows us to approach your GP for information relating to your health and medical needs. This information will help us to carry out a needs assessment and will form the basis of your care plan. The assessment is made against the following admission criteria for residential care:

  • The level of assistance that you require with personal care tasks, i.e. getting up, going to bed, washing, dressing, bathing, going to the toilet, etc.
  • Your health needs, i.e. pressure care, continence, mobility, medication, mental health, etc.
  • Your dietary needs, i.e. special / restricted diets, assistance with eating, etc.
  • Any other special conditions or needs that you may have

Your booking will be confirmed following the assessment if it is assessed that the home is able to meet your needs against the admission criteria.

The home is not able to meet the needs of individuals who:

  • require nursing care

Unplanned or emergency admissions are only taken where suitable accommodation is available and the admission criteria are met. 
If you need to book for a specific period then it is best to do this well in advance because some weeks are very popular. When feasible we like to book from Saturday to Saturday but, especially if a carer is going away midweek, we will try to fit your break to suit.
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Social Services

Whether or not you are known to Social Services you can ask them for an assessment for help with respite/long term residential care. If you are not assessed a priority for care they may be able to apply to the D.S.S. for some additional financial help if you are on income support or a low income.
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For respite care, our current charges for provision of care services in the home are shown on your respite booking form and agreement. Concessionary room rates may be offered, subject to availability, upon enquiry. In the case of long-term residency, the charges are shown on your long-term agreement.
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We provide 24 hour care and our staff/guest ratio ensures plenty of individual care and attention. All care is planned in accordance with individuals assessed needs. Care plans are written and reviewed on a regular basis and in consultation with you (or relevant representative if you are unable to contribute).

We have excellent links with and support from the local GP surgeries, pharmacy and district nurses. Special diets are catered for and guests may choose an alternative to the set daily menu. All personal laundry is taken care of on a daily basis.

Our visiting hours are open, within social hours, and we encourage people to invite their family and friends to visit them at Yercombe Lodge. A pay phone is accessible for everyone who wishes to maintain contact by telephone and a private meeting room is available for those who wish to use it.

We offer a variety of activities during the week and invite everyone to take part. Assistance can be given to arrange transport to and from external meeting places where people may pursue their social or religious activities, hobbies or interests while they are with us. For those who wish to maintain their religious activities, but are unable to travel, arrangements can be made for representatives of the church (or other) to visit at Yercombe Lodge.

For an additional charge, you may purchase a variety of services, i.e. hairdressing, transport, chiropody, daily newspapers etc.These additional charges will apply, irrespective of the initial source of funding for your respite care.
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Facilities – Ground Floor Bedrooms

The Respite Home is part of the ground floor and was purpose-built in 1976 as an addition to the original house. The facilities on the ground floor offer six single bedrooms.  The bedrooms are fully furnished, with a hand-wash basin and TV. Each room has a door leading to a small patio area. All bedrooms on the ground floor have at least 12 sq. metres of usable floor space per person. The largest room has 16 sq. metres of usable floor space.
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Facilities – First Floor Bedrooms

The long-term residential rooms are on the first floor and are accessible by stairs or lift. There are four single bedrooms, which have en-suite toilet and hand-wash basin. There is a communal bathroom and a kitchen where more independent residents can prepare their own snacks and drinks. The bedrooms have points for TV and telephone. Three of the first floor bedrooms have more than 13 sq. metres of usable floor space per person (excluding the en- suite) and the fourth room has over 10 sq. metres of usable floor space per person (excluding the en-suite).
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Communal Space

On the ground floor there is a communal sitting room, with a television. There is a large communal dining room, which, because of the outstanding views from its windows is also often used as a sitting area. The pay phone is situated on the ground floor.

There are 2 bathrooms on the ground floor, which have recently been refurbished to enable us to offer a range of special aids and equipment and easy access for wheelchairs or walking aids. Each bathroom is fitted  with a toilet and an assisted bath. There is a ‘walk-in’ shower in the larger bathroom. The bathrooms are situated conveniently adjacent to the bedrooms and there is a toilet situated at the end of the corridor, near to the lounge. All shared facilities meet the requirements as set out in the National Minimum Standards.
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Care Homes Regulations

The building and grounds are accessible to all with the provision of ramps and there is a lift to the first floor. Doorways into private rooms and communal spaces have been widened to allow easy access for wheelchairs.

Throughout the home there are directions as to the action that should be taken in the event of a fire or other emergency situations i.e. gas leak and all staff are trained in relevant emergency procedures.

Yercombe Lodge has a no smoking policy within the building.
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The Trust is governed by a board of trustees. The manager, Mrs Angela Turner, has many years experience of working with older people and her qualifications include; a HNC in Caring Services Management and NVQ 4 Registered Managers Award. The manager is supported by the assistant manager (NVQ 4 Registered Managers Award), senior care assistants and care assistants, an administrator and domestic staff. All care staff have experience of caring for older people in a residential environment and have achieved or are working towards NVQ level 2 or 3 in Care. Staff receive training to ensure that national requirements are met and to maintain quality standards. There are approximately 30 staff in total.

The Home is inspected by the Care Quality Commission and the most recent inspection report is available, upon request, for you to read.
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Comments, Compliments or Complaints

We welcome your comments, compliments or complaints and encourage you to consult with the manager or care staff about the operation of the home.

    If you wish to make a comment, compliment or complaint, you may use a feedback questionnaire, which you will find in your room or in the reception area in the respite home. 
    Alternatively, you may speak to the senior care staff or the manager. 
    You may also write to the manager or the chairman of the trustees or, in exceptional circumstances, complaints may be made to The Care Quality Commission.

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